Use of MindMaps in Planning

These days, I am involved in an extensive planning activity, as part of which there is a lot of brainstorming and refining of ideas, over discussions and through feedback received. I have found that that a couple of software tools make this exercise a breeze and increase the ease of putting ideas to the (electronic) paper. These include the open source freeware, called FreeMind ( and the incredibly powerful MindManager (

To give an idea about the technique, I am attaching a couple of mindmaps I created recently. The first map is an exercise in identifying the stakeholders in the Indian cyber security initiative. The second one shows the website we are planning for the India Cyber Lab initiative. Both these mindmaps are works in progress and I hope to make them more complete, after getting further inputs from all concerned.

Another aspect of mindmaps is that they make a team working on a common project that much simple, as the vision of a person can be communicated in a visual manner, which is more natural to the way human mind operates.

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